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Care and Beauty - portfolio photos

Date: June 2014, Place: Care and Beauty - Gothenburg

All pictures from this photo session you can find here


    Under mother's heart - Alla

    Date: July 2014, Place: Gothenburg, Model: Alla and PunisaSome pictures from backstage. It was very nice, fun and cheerful evening - as you can see...

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Climbing on Diablak

Diablak - Babia Góra [ˈbabja ˈɡura] (in Polish), or Babia hora (in Slovak), literally Old Wives' or Witches' Mountain, is a massif situated on the border between Poland and Slovakia in the Western Beskidy Mountains. The name is also applied to the… Read more

Festungsfront Oder-Warthe-Bogen

Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocniony - MRU From Wikipedia: The Festungsfront Oder-Warthe-Bogen (Fortified Front Oder-Warthe-Bogen), also called the Festung im Oder-Warthe-Bogen or Ostwall (East Wall), and in Polish the Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocniony… Read more

Ruins of the church in Trzęsacz

From Wikipedia: The Church in Trzęsacz refers to a series of three churches built in Trzęsacz, Poland. The first, constructed of wood, was reportedly built in 1124; the second one, made of bricks, around 1270; and finally the third one, sometime in… Read more


Date: 6 mars 2015, Place: Brewhouse - Gothenburg, Band: BAJM, Organization: GotArt-StudioGreat BAJM concert in Gothenburg! A lot of old and new hits, wonderful climate and fantastic audience. Read more


Date: 19 april 2015, Place: Draken - Gothenburg, Organization: GotArt-Studio Read more

Care and Beauty - portfolio photos

Date: June 2014, Place: Care and Beauty - Gothenburg Read more

Linn and Fia

Date: 08 maj 2015, Place: Ale-Jennylunds Ridklubb Read more

Pleciuga - Puppetry Theater

Date: 10 maj 2015, Place: Hagateatern in Gothenburg, Pleciuga Theater from Szczecin, Spectacle: Zulu i Lulu w Krainie Pończoszanki Read more

T.Love - Gothenburg

Date: 14 November 2015, Place: Brewhouse - Gothenburg, Band: T. Love, Organization: GotArt-StudioGreat T. Love concert in Gothenburg! Read more

Park of miniatures - Inwałd - Poland

Area - 75 thousand. m², located in the village Inwałd… Read more

Wedding - Anna and Jiri

Everything changes, but beauty remains Something so tender i can't explain Well i may be dreaming but until i awake Can we make the dream last forever? And i'll cherish all the love that we share A moment like this... KELLY CLARKSON Read more

Wedding - Alla and Punisa

Loving can hurt Loving can hurt sometimes But it’s the only thing That I know When it gets hard You know it can get hard sometimes It is the only thing that makes us feel alive We keep this love in a photograph... Ed Sheeran - Photograph Read more

Wedding - Elenore and Mattias

Solen står högt över fälten Vinden går lojt genom säden Värmen vilar och väntar Det susar oss över i träden Idag är det bara du och jag Idag är det bara vi två Du är min Och jag är din Och kärleken förde oss samman Hör du hur klockorna… Read more

Dance film '4' - dance rehearsals

Dance film '4' - pictures taken the 6th of October during the dance rehearsals at the Göteborgs Operan. Read more

Satoshi Kudo - Charismatic portrait

In mid-July I had the pleasure of photographing famous Satoshi Kudo. He is a choreographer and a dancer. As a rehearsal director, he has been working for Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui since 2006 and has worked for Royal Swedish Ballet… Read more