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Satoshi Kudo - Charismatic portrait

In mid-July I had the pleasure of photographing a famous Satoshi Kudo.
Hi is a choreographer and a dancer. As a rehearsal director, he has been working for Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui since 2006 and has worked for Royal Swedish Ballet.
Kudo’s original theory is a “Motion Qualia” which is a movement theory based on simple physics. The body follows gravity with natural reflexes by brain activity. This theory creates an organic cause for the movement with constant off-balance.
Satoshi's fan page
He needed some photos to promote his new project - Sentient. And here more info about Sentient on Folkteatern website.
It was a late afternoon in Gothenburg center. We found interesting place for the background of the old church.

Camera settings & photo gear
To create a little dramatic scene I decided to use the existing light and the flashlight. All pictures takes by Sigma 50 mm Art 1.4 lens and a Godox 600 TTL with a 90 cm octabox on.
Camera: Nikon d750

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