Var skall staden ligga?
A fantastic medieval play in 2 acts based on the true story of dramatic events in Lödöse
A mysterious book is at the center of the events. The place is Lödöse and the time is midsummer 1455. That year, Danish king Christian has Lödöse burned to the ground, an atrocity that becomes a contributing factor to the city being moved to the estuary. Some residents remain in the old Lödöse, others move to the new one.
How to choose?
Or in other words: "Where Should the City Be Located?"
("Var skall staden ligga?")
Don't miss this historical drama that touches on the great questions of humanity but also the lives and destinies of the little man.
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Photographer: Piotr Korytowski

Place: Lödöse Museum, Museivägen 1, 463 71 Lödöse, Sweden
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